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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Helicteres rhynchocarpa Fitzgerald, W.V. 1905-08 Malvaceae MEL MEL 0222187A TYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Brachychiton viridiflorus Fitzgerald, W.V. 1905-06 Malvaceae MEL MEL 0071873B PARALECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia sericocarpa Fitzgerald, W.V. Maslin, B.R. 1903-08 2000-02-22 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2086582A PARALECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia gardneri Fitzgerald, W.V. Kodela, P.G. 1905-08 2012-11-13 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2085981A PARALECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gahnia microstachya Fitzgerald, W.V. 1899 Cyperaceae MEL MEL 2297514A LECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia froggattii Fitzgerald, W.V. 1905-05 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2085976A ISOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia kimberleyensis Fitzgerald, W.V. Tindale, M.D. 1905-07 1972-05 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2086769A ISOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Persoonia pungens Fitzgerald, W.V. 1907-11 Proteaceae MEL MEL 0103669A ISOLECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia acradenia Fitzgerald, W.V. 1905-06 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2080682A ISOLECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia sericocarpa Fitzgerald, W.V. 1903-11 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2086583A ISOLECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eucalyptus confluens Fitzgerald, W.V. Brooker, M.I.H. 1905-05 1993-02 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 1610641A ISOLECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Brachychiton viridiflorus Fitzgerald, W.V. 1905-07 Malvaceae MEL MEL 0071873A ISOLECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ptilotus fasciculatus Fitzgerald, W.V. Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 1058706A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dendrolobium umbellatum var. umbellatum Fitzgerald, W.V. Karunajeewa, N.G. 1895-09 2010-04-16 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0302102A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Capparis lucida Fitzgerald, W.V. Jacobs, M. 1895-11 1958-03 Capparaceae MEL MEL 2512416A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Grevillea pteridifolia Fitzgerald, W.V. McGillivray, D.J. 1905-06 1978 Proteaceae MEL MEL 0232939A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Decaspermum Fitzgerald, W.V. 1895-09 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 2435561A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Solanum dunalianum Fitzgerald, W.V. Symon, D.E. 1895-09 1983-03 Solanaceae MEL MEL 0625546A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Juncus kraussii subsp. australiensis Fitzgerald, W.V. Stajsic, V. 1892-05 2003-04-04 Juncaceae MEL MEL 0571303A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sphaerostephanos invisus Fitzgerald, W.V. Holttum, R.E. 1895-09 1974-03 Thelypteridaceae MEL MEL 0565287A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ptilotus polystachyus Fitzgerald, W.V. Davis, R. 1905-06 2018-05-24 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 2217661A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pterocarpus indicus Fitzgerald, W.V. Karunajeewa, N.G. 1895-10 2010-10-15 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2480217A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Banksia marginata Fitzgerald, W.V. 1892-06 Proteaceae MEL MEL 0571284A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nauclea orientalis Fitzgerald, W.V. Wheeler, J.R. 1905-05 1989-11-13 Rubiaceae MEL MEL 0721644A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Styphelia Fitzgerald, W.V. 1894-02 Ericaceae MEL MEL 0713829B PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Juncus curtisiae Fitzgerald, W.V. 1892 Juncaceae MEL MEL 2188404A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Psilotrichum Fitzgerald, W.V. Kanis, A. 1895-11 1970-02 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 2462753A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia plectocarpa subsp. plectocarpa Fitzgerald, W.V. Maslin, B.R. 1905-05 2000-03 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2081312A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Monotoca submutica Fitzgerald, W.V. Albrecht, D.E. 1894-02 2012-05-09 Ericaceae MEL MEL 0713829A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cyathodes Fitzgerald, W.V. 1893 Ericaceae MEL MEL 2183920A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN