Specimen Data Used In

Amaral, D. T., I. A. S. Bonatelli, M. Romeiro-Brito, E. M. Moraes, and F. F. Franco. 2022. Spatial patterns of evolutionary diversity in Cactaceae show low ecological representation within protected areas. Biological Conservation 273: 109677. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biocon.2022.109677

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Pereskia lychnidiflora DC. A. Molina Rositto 1968-08-30 Cactaceae NY 3889919 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pereskia grandifolia Haw. A. Molina Rositto 1969-03-20 Cactaceae NY 03889911 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa (Salm-Dyck) Barthlott A. Molina Rositto 1967-03-10 Cactaceae NY 3890174 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhipsalis baccifera (J.S.Muell.) Stearn A. Molina Rositto 1968-08-21 Cactaceae NY 3890361 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Opuntia vulgaris Mill. A. Molina Rositto 1965-08-11 Cactaceae NY 03889299 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nopalea hondurensis (Standl.) Rebman A. Molina Rositto 1971-02-14 Cactaceae NY 03860927 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pilosocereus leucocephalus (Poselg.) Byles & G.D.Rowley A. Molina Rositto N. P. Taylor; D. C. Zappi 1971-02-14 1992 Cactaceae NY 02256589 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN