Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Acisanthera goudotii Cogn. Goudot J. 1844 Melastomataceae BR BR0000005521272 Possible type of Acisanthera goudotii Cogn.
collected Miconia miocarpa Naudin Goudot J. Melastomataceae BR BR0000005210923 Isotype of Miconia miocarpa Naudin
collected Miconia goudotii Naudin Goudot J. Melastomataceae BR BR0000005211432 Isotype of Miconia goudotii Naudin
collected Ceratosanthes gracilis Cogn. Goudot J. Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000006593230 Isotype of Ceratosanthes gracilis Cogn.
collected Clidemia dentata D.Don Goudot J. Melastomataceae BR BR0000005177899 Holotype of Staphidium brachystephanum Naudin
collected Cayaponia ovata Cogn. Goudot J. 1844 Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000008053510 Holotype of Cayaponia ovata Cogn.
collected Zehneria maysurensis Arn. Goudot J. Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000014868528