Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Distichophyllum dicksonii (Hook. & Grev.) Mitt. Menzies, Archibald 1787 Hookeriaceae E E00002722 unspecified kind of type
collected Eriogonum fasciculatum Benth. Menzies, Archibald Polygonaceae E E00318235 unspecified kind of type
collected Iridaea cordata (Turner) Bory de Saint-Vincent Menzies, A. Gigartinaceae E E00429118 unspecified kind of type
collected Lycopodium clavatum L. Menzies, A. Lycopodiaceae E E00429109 unspecified kind of type
collected Pseudocyphellaria berberina (G.Forst.) D.T. Galloway & P. Jones Menzies, A. February 1787 Lobariaceae E E00465280 unspecified kind of type
collected Usnea trichodea Menzies, A. July 1784 Parmeliaceae E E00021635 unspecified kind of type
collected Lepidozia attenuata T.Taylor A. Menzies Lepidoziaceae NY 236737 type fragment
collected Spiraea ariifolia Sm. A. Menzies Rosaceae NY 429856 type fragment
collected Lepidozia humillima T.Taylor A. Menzies Lepidoziaceae NY 236794 type fragment
collected Alternanthera echinocephala (Hook.f.) Christoph. Archibald Menzies 1795 Amaranthaceae NHMUK BM000993106 type
collected Entosthodon clavatus Mitt. A. Menzies Funariaceae NY 919969 type
collected Lejeunea rufescens Lindb. A. Menzies Lejeuneaceae NY 1049238 type
collected Hypnum neckeroides Hook. A. Menzies Neckeraceae NY 901264 type
collected Goodyera menziesii Lindl. A. Menzies Orchidaceae NY 8854 type
collected Jungermannia filamentosa Lehm. & Lindenb. A. Menzies 1793 Lepidoziaceae NY 511440 type
collected Hypnum nuttallii Wilson A. Menzies 1793 Hypnaceae NY 01273642 type
collected Neckera abietina Hook. A. Menzies 1792 Neckeraceae NY 473411 type
collected Menegazzia cincinnata A. Menzies 1787 Parmeliaceae S L1196 type
collected Achrophyllum quadrifarium A. Menzies Hookeriaceae S B122816 type
collected Polytrichum strictum Brid. Menzies, Archibald 1785 Polytrichaceae E E00011821 syntype
collected Macrocoma tenue (Hook. & Grev.) Vitt. Menzies, Archibald 1791 Orthotrichaceae E E00011690 syntype
collected Platismatia lacunosa (Ach.) W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb. Menzies, Archibald 1789 Parmeliaceae E E00465189 syntype
collected Jungermannia lamellata Hook. A. Menzies Jungermanniaceae NY 961497 probable type
collected Dicranum menziesii var. rigidum Hook.f. & Wilson A. Menzies Dicranaceae NY 02858237 probable isotype
collected Hymenophyllum ferrugineum Colla Menzies, Archibald Hymenophyllaceae E E00433849 possible type
collected Lycopodium clavatum L. Menzies, Archibald 1793 Lycopodiaceae E E00429110 possible type
collected Hymenophyton phyllanthus (Hook.) Steph. Menzies, Archibald 1824 Pallaviciniaceae E E00011736 possible type
collected Lepidolaena palpebrifolia (Hook.) Dumort. ex Trevis. Menzies, Archibald Lepidolaenaceae E E00417711 possible type
collected Schistochila nobilis (Hook.) Dumort. Menzies, Archibald 1791 Schistochilaceae E E00417720 possible type
collected Pogonatum contortum (Menzies) Lesq. Menzies, Archibald Polytrichaceae E E00268389 possible type