Specimen Data Used In

Mazijk, R., M. D. Cramer, and G. A. Verboom. 2021. Environmental heterogeneity explains contrasting plant species richness between the South African Cape and southwestern Australia. Journal of Biogeography 48: 1875–1888. https://doi.org/10.1111/jbi.14118

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Crassula Bolus, H.M.L. Tolken, H.R. 1915-06-01 00:00:00.0000000 Crassulaceae K K000238519 type PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Trichodiadema obliquum Barbata, M.; Dekenah, I. Bolus, H.M.L. Aizoaceae K K000210675 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Watsonia humilis Wright, C. Bolus, H.M.L. 1856-01-01 00:00:00.0000000 Iridaceae K K000385177 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Watsonia humilis Jovke, H.J.R. Bolus, H.M.L. Iridaceae K K000385179 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Trichodiadema pomeridianum Dekenah, I. Bolus, H.M.L. Aizoaceae K K000210676 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Watsonia humilis Lieben, C.B.J. Bolus, H.M.L. Iridaceae K K000385180 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Lampranthus aduncus (Haw.) N.E.Br. Herre AGJ Bolus HML 1946-10-01 Aizoaceae SANBI 26165 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Lampranthus aduncus (Haw.) N.E.Br. Wilman AM Bolus HML 1949-08-07 Aizoaceae SANBI 26166 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Erica ixanthera Benth. Muir, J 1912 Ericaceae SAM0004664A-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Erica autumnalis L.Bolus Kerfoot, O 1967 Ericaceae PRE0593242-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Erica doliiformis Salisb. Kerfoot, O 1967 Ericaceae PRE0593775-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Disa vaginata Harv. ex Lindl. Galpin, EE 1897 Orchidaceae PRE0045235-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Erica viscaria subsp. gallorum (L.Bolus) E.G.H.Oliv. & I.M.Oliv. Hubbard, CE Manning, JC 1932 Ericaceae NBG0207155-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Holothrix aspera (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Phillips, EP Kensit, L 1911 Orchidaceae PRE0038434-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Senecio rosmarinifolius L.f. Kensit, L 1904 Asteraceae PRE0227397-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sebaea sulphurea Cham. & Schltdl. Kensit, L 1907 Gentianaceae PRE0731290-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sebaea sulphurea Cham. & Schltdl. Kensit, L 1907 Gentianaceae PRE0326941-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Roella squarrosa P.J.Bergius Kensit, L 1907 Campanulaceae PRE0188096-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Protea repens (L.) L. Kensit, L 1907 Proteaceae PRE0373725-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phyllobolus resurgens (Kensit) Schwantes Kensit, L Burgoyne, PM 1915 Aizoaceae PRE0397591-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nemesia macrocarpa (Aiton) Druce Kensit, L 1907 Scrophulariaceae PRE0169102-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Muraltia stipulacea Burch. ex DC. Kensit, L 1907 Polygalaceae PRE0270135-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Merciera leptoloba A.DC. Kensit, L 1910 Campanulaceae PRE0843823-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hermas villosa (L.) Thunb. Kensit, L 1905 Apiaceae PRE0290833-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gnidia tomentosa L. Kensit, L 1907 Thymelaeaceae PRE0731287-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gnidia pinifolia L. Kensit, L 1907 Thymelaeaceae PRE0299327-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Disa tenuis Lindl. Kensit, L 1907 Orchidaceae PRE0111983-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Disa telipogonis Rchb.f. Kensit, L 1904 Orchidaceae PRE0049176-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Disa rosea Lindl. Kensit, L 1906 Orchidaceae PRE0676524-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Corymbium glabrum L. var. glabrum Kensit, L Weitz, FM 1904 Asteraceae NBG0183758-0 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN