Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Taraxacum pollichii Soest Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1841-04-30 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000013464868 Holotype of Taraxacum pollichii Soest PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Serratula pollichii DC. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1839-07-29 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000020601133 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lactuca saligna L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029170234 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Galium glaucum L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1839-06-09 Rubiaceae MeiseBG BR0000031998659 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium auriculiforme Pančić & Vis. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1861-05-03 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029010547 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium murorum L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1853-06-06 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029038442 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Scabiosa canescens Waldst. & Kit. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1840-08-28 Caprifoliaceae MeiseBG BR0000030397255 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium murorum L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1853-05-30 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029038299 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Bromus japonicus subsp. japonicus Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1856-06-21 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032940923 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sonchus tenerrimus L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1835-10-17 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000020624088 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crepis foetida L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1839-07-14 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000028876663 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hutchinsia petraea (L.) W.T.Aiton Schultz-Bip. C.H. Brassicaceae MeiseBG BR0000030311473 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Euphorbia exigua L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1841-07-15 Euphorbiaceae MeiseBG BR0000030145795 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Salsola kali L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. Amaranthaceae MeiseBG BR0000028536796 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sclerocarpus africanus Jacq. ex Murray Schultz-Bip. C.H. Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000014972645 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Linum tenuifolium L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1851-06-26 Linaceae MeiseBG BR0000031044325 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Taraxacum officinale F.H.Wigg. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1841-04-25 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000020647070 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Odontites lutea (L.) Clairv. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1837-09 Orobanchaceae MeiseBG BR0000036086856 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rosa pimpinellifolia L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1845 Rosaceae MeiseBG BR0000031902830 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Camelina sylvestris Wallr. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1841-05-27 Brassicaceae MeiseBG BR0000030270923 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium boreale Kitt. ex Walp. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1844-09 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029013241 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lepidium graminifolium L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1839-08-04 Brassicaceae MeiseBG BR0000030328488 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium murorum L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1861-04-28 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029038244 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Potentilla supina L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1844-08-16 Rosaceae MeiseBG BR0000031647311 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eclipta prostrata (L.) L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000013918132 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Scorzonera laciniata L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1841-06-02 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000022801500 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Euphorbia seguieriana Neck. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1839-07-09 Euphorbiaceae MeiseBG BR0000030176744 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium praealtum Gochnat Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1842-05-23 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029102815 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium murorum L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1851-05-12 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029038398 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lactuca virosa L. Schultz-Bip. C.H. 1840-06-27 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000029173457 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN