Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Consolida Schlagintweit National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1856-08-06/1856-09-04 2017-02-22 Ranunculaceae MEL MEL 2407606A ISOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ranunculus Schlagintweit 1856-06-15/1856-06-18 Ranunculaceae MEL MEL 2424406A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Myosotis sylvatica Schlagintweit Boraginaceae MEL MEL 2499135A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alcea rosea Schlagintweit Boyle, M.T. 1856-08-10/1856-09-30 2019-05-14 Malvaceae MEL MEL 2459792A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hypericum perforatum Schlagintweit 1856-07-17/1856-07-22 Hypericaceae MEL MEL 2441245A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Atriplex Schlagintweit National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1856-09-01/1856-09-15 2018-12-04 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 2449623A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Fagopyrum esculentum Schlagintweit 1856-07-16/1856-07-20 Polygonaceae MEL MEL 2453723A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Aquilegia vulgaris Schlagintweit 1856-06-13 Ranunculaceae MEL MEL 2404423A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Malva sylvestris Schlagintweit Smith, R.V. 1856-06-09 1953-05-27 Malvaceae MEL MEL 2462903A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Persicaria Schlagintweit National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1856-08-06/1856-09-04 2019-04-17 Polygonaceae MEL MEL 2457319A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trifolium pratense Schlagintweit 1856-11-06/1856-11-09 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2482599A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Papaver somniferum Schlagintweit 1856-07-15/1856-08-05 Papaveraceae MEL MEL 2406048A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Fagopyrum dibotrys Schlagintweit 1856-07-15/1856-08-05 Polygonaceae MEL MEL 2453692A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Myricaria germanica Schlagintweit 1856-07-10 Tamaricaceae MEL MEL 2516470A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Machilus Schlagintweit 1855-10-18/1855-10-22 Lauraceae MEL MEL 2389979A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alnus nepalensis Schlagintweit 1855-10-14/1855-10-16 Betulaceae MEL MEL 2435689A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dactylis glomerata Schlagintweit 1856-08-06/1856-09-04 Poaceae MEL MEL 2489015A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ammannia Schlagintweit Hennig, P. 1856-10-02/1856-10-20 Lythraceae MEL MEL 2513545A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chenopodium album Schlagintweit 1856-08-10/1856-09-30 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 2450668A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Berberis aristata Schlagintweit 1856-05-01/1856-05-20 Berberidaceae MEL MEL 2398958A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Medicago sativa Schlagintweit Karunajeewa, N.G. 1856-07 2010-07-26 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0309723A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Aconitum Schlagintweit 1856-10-05/1856-10-12 Ranunculaceae MEL MEL 2398112A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Polygonum Schlagintweit Meisner, C.D.F. 1856-07-17/1856-07-22 Polygonaceae MEL MEL 2453599A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ranunculus Schlagintweit Hennings, P. 1856-08-05/1856-08-10 Ranunculaceae MEL MEL 2429512A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Deeringia amaranthoides Schlagintweit National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1855-10-18/1855-10-22 2019-06-05 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 2462497A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Buxus sempervirens Schlagintweit 1856-11-10/1856-11-15 Buxaceae MEL MEL 2482121A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ficus Schlagintweit National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1856-11-04/1856-11-10 2017-06-21 Moraceae MEL MEL 2414911A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pisum sativum Schlagintweit Aleferd, T. 1856-07-01/1856-07-15 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2479719A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hippophae Schlagintweit 1856-07-01/1856-07-15 Elaeagnaceae MEL MEL 2516423A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rumex Schlagintweit Boyle, M.T. 1856-04-12/1856-04-30 2019-03-27 Polygonaceae MEL MEL 2455609A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN