Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Goodenia salmoniana Forrest, M.E. Carolin, R.C. 1889 1971-07-27 Goodeniaceae MEL MEL 0009812A holotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alyogyne huegelii Forrest, M.E. Mitchell, A. 1889 1976-10-07 Malvaceae MEL MEL 2222273A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ptilotus polakii Forrest, M.E. 1889 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 0726077A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ptilotus divaricatus Forrest, M.E. Mole, B.J. 2003-12-16 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 2219760C PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Wilsonia backhousei Forrest, M.E. 1879 Convolvulaceae MEL MEL 2272248A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Scaevola Forrest, M.E. 1889 Goodeniaceae MEL MEL 1556900A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Waitzia suaveolens Forrest, M.E. 1878 Asteraceae MEL MEL 1584996A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Verticordia densiflora var. stelluligera Forrest, M.E. George, A.S. 1889 1998-07-30 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 0274206A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Verbenaceae Forrest, M.E. 1889 Verbenaceae MEL MEL 0560616A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alyxia buxifolia Forrest, M.E. Forster, P.I. 1889 1991 Apocynaceae MEL MEL 0222826A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melaleuca lateritia Forrest, M.E. Lepschi, B.J. 1878 2018-10-24 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 2178674A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Diplopeltis huegelii Forrest, M.E. Jeanes, J.A. 1878 2004-07-22 Sapindaceae MEL MEL 0021742A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cyclosorus interruptus Forrest, M.E. Holttum, R.E. 1889 1978-09 Thelypteridaceae MEL MEL 0530867A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cassytha pomiformis Forrest, M.E. Weber, J.Z. 1879 1979-05-25 Lauraceae MEL MEL 0058603A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Euchiton sphaericus Forrest, M.E. Flann, C. 1878 2005-04-21 Asteraceae MEL MEL 0283686A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Calytrix sapphirina Forrest, M.E. Craven, L.A. 1889 1982 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 0086645A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Salsola australis Forrest, M.E. Walsh, N.G. 1879 2000-08-04 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 0605358A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Equisetopsida Forrest, M.E. Jeanes, J.A. 1889 2005-01-10 MEL MEL 0258902A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Solanum lasiophyllum Forrest, M.E. Purdie, R.W. 1889 1981-01 Solanaceae MEL MEL 1518662A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Frankenia Forrest, M.E. 1878 Frankeniaceae MEL MEL 0095897A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Verticordia nitens Forrest, M.E. George, A.S. 1878 1998-07-30 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 0272833A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Comesperma confertum Forrest, M.E. Jeanes, J.A. 1878 2004-06-01 Polygalaceae MEL MEL 2242383A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Goodenia forrestii Forrest, M.E. Carolin, R. 1882 1970-09-14 Goodeniaceae MEL MEL 0025927A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Verticordia picta Forrest, M.E. George, A.S. 1889 1998-07-30 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 0275373A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Linum marginale Forrest, M.E. Telford, I.R. 1879 2000-02 Linaceae MEL MEL 2061260A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lobelia Forrest, M.E. 1878 Campanulaceae MEL MEL 2270544A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eremophila maculata subsp. brevifolia Forrest, M.E. Chinnock, R.J. 1889 1981-08 Scrophulariaceae MEL MEL 1518629A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chamelaucium micranthum Forrest, M.E. Keighery, G.J. 1889 1995-05-08 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 0529950A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hibbertia striata Forrest, M.E. Thiele, K.R. 2019-07-24 Dilleniaceae MEL MEL 1009305A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Schenkia australis Forrest, M.E. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1878 2015-08-04 Gentianaceae MEL MEL 0709304A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN