Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Campylopus robillardei Besch. R.P. Camboué 1888 Dicranaceae BR BR5040047959416 Type of Campylopus heribaudii Müll.Hal.
collected Campylopus perpusillus Mitt. R.P. Camboué 1889 Dicranaceae BR BR5040047922045 Type of Campylopus dicranelloides Renauld & Cardot
collected Campylopus cambouei Renauld & Cardot R.P. Camboué Dicranaceae BR BR5040047885647 Type of Campylopus cambouei Renauld & Cardot
collected Fissidens sciophyllus Mitt. f. sciophyllus Mitt. R.P. Camboué Fissidentaceae BR BR5040047475428 Possible type of Fissidens lacouturei Thér.
collected Syrrhopodon prolifer Schwägr. var. acanthoneuros (Müll.Hal.) Müll.Hal. R.P. Camboué 1891 Calymperaceae BR BR5040052394141 Isotype of Syrrhopodon glaucophyllus Renauld & Cardot var. rufus Renauld & Cardot
collected Leucoloma thraustum Hampe ex Besch. R.P. Camboué Dicranaceae BR BR5040048649521 Isotype of Leucoloma silvaticum Renauld
collected Isopterygium luteonitens (Paris) Paris R.P. Camboué Hypnaceae BR BR5040057864526 Isotype of Hypnum luteo-nitens Renauld & Cardot
collected Calymperes hispidum Renauld & Cardot R.P. Camboué Calymperaceae BR BR5040052148591 Isosyntype of Calymperes hispidum Renauld & Cardot
collected Lobaria isidiosa (Müll.Arg.) Vain. R.P. Camboué Lobariaceae BR BR5030048593931
collected Pseudocyphellaria aurata (Ach.) Vain. R.P. Camboué Lobariaceae BR BR5030055503527
collected Lobaria sp. R.P. Camboué Lobariaceae BR BR5030016495052
collected Frullania arecae (Spreng.) Gottsche R.P. Camboué Frullaniaceae BR BR5040243105235
collected Parmelia cf. vagans (Nyl.) Nyl. R.P. Camboué Parmeliaceae BR BR5030053401511
collected Asplenium aethiopicum (Burm.f.) Bech. R.P. Camboué Aspleniaceae BR BR0000009557550
collected Frullania longistipula Steph. R.P. Camboué Frullaniaceae BR BR5040243170882