Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Swainsona canescens Tate, R. Thompson, J. 1894 1992 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0679162A type PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pultenaea graveolens Tate, R. 1880-10-29 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0035146A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia cowleana Tate, R. Maslin, B.R. 1894-06 1995-05-30 Fabaceae MEL MEL 1058322A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Premna herbacea Tate, R. Lamiaceae MEL MEL 0583647A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xanthorrhoea thorntonii Tate, R. 1894-06 Asphodelaceae MEL MEL 0625761A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Micrantheum demissum Tate, R. Stajsic, V. 1883-01-23 2005-07-29 Picrodendraceae MEL MEL 2065695A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Osteocarpum pentapterum Tate, R. Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 0102308A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trianthema triquetrum Tate, R. Barrett, R.L. 2019-07-01 Aizoaceae MEL MEL 0589449A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Schoenus discifer Tate, R. 1883-11 Cyperaceae MEL MEL 2295880A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rytidosperma geniculatum Tate, R. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1882-11-22 2022-04-27 Poaceae MEL MEL 2277970A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dimorphocoma minutula Tate, R. Asteraceae MEL MEL 0721813A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ixiochlamys nana Tate, R. 1883-08-29 Asteraceae MEL MEL 0009060A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dunbaria debilis Tate, R. Fabaceae MEL MEL 0667617A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sclerolaena tatei Tate, R. 1883-06-11 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 0101479A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Apowollastonia stirlingii Tate, R. 1894-06 Asteraceae MEL MEL 2136426A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trachymene gilleniae Tate, R. Willis, J.H. 1894-07 Araliaceae MEL MEL 0239137A paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Goodenia pusilliflora Tate, R. 1883-08-28 Goodeniaceae MEL MEL 0023150A paralectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Brachyscome tatei Tate, R. 1879-02-12 Asteraceae MEL MEL 0220548A paralectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eriocaulon Tate, R. Leach, G.J. 1999-02-15 Eriocaulaceae MEL MEL 0710185A paralectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lysiana murrayi Murray, M.|Tate, R. 1883-08-30 Loranthaceae MEL MEL 2290433A paralectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Prostanthera schultzii Tate, R. Conn, B.J. 1894-06 1987-01 Lamiaceae MEL MEL 0043620A lectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Haegiela tatei Tate, R. Short, P.S. 1880-10-02 1990-07 Asteraceae MEL MEL 1551068A lectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Clerodendrum tatei Tate, R. Munir, A.A. 1882 1989-02 Lamiaceae MEL MEL 0602001A lectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Spyridium scabridum Tate, R. Kellermann, J. 1883-01-24 2007-07-06 Rhamnaceae MEL MEL 2104209A lectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Maireana pentatropis Tate, R. Wilson, P.G. 1973-02-02 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 0043977A lectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Osteocarpum acropterum var. acropterum Tate, R. 1883-08 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 0102306A lectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trymalium wayi Tate, R. Shaw, E. 1882-10-08 1979-09 Rhamnaceae MEL MEL 0056162A lectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Osteocarpum pentapterum Tate, R. 1883-08 Amaranthaceae MEL MEL 0102309A isotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hydrocotyle crassiuscula Tate, R. Eichler, J.G. 1883-11-19 1965-03-09 Araliaceae MEL MEL 0007878A isotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Arabidella procumbens Tate, R. Shaw, E.A. 1883-09-02 1965-02 Brassicaceae MEL MEL 0000767A isotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN