Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Cerastium afromontanum T.C.E.Fr. & Weim. Volkens G. 1893-09 Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000005193950 Type of Cerastium africanum var. kilimanjarensis Williams
collected Silene macrosolen Steud. ex A.Rich. Volkens G. 1894-03 Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000008868954 Isotype of Silene longitubulosa Engl.
collected Silene macrosolen Volkens, G. HBG-formal name change 1894-03 2007-06-18 Caryophyllaceae HBG HBG503525 Isotype
collected Lychnis rotundifolia (Oliv.) M. Popp G.-L.A. Volkens FTEA 1893 Caryophyllaceae MO 100747531
collected Cerastium indicum Wight & Arn. Volkens G. Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000014011641
collected Cerastium afromontanum T.C.E.Fr. & Weim. Volkens G. 1893-11 Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000014011191
collected Silene burchellii Otth ex DC. Volkens G. Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000014024610
collected Drymaria cordata (L.) Willd. ex Schult. Volkens G. Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000014014956
collected Silene villosa Forssk. Volkens,G.L. K. Victor (JE) 2011 1885-03-19 Caryophyllaceae JE 00015632