Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Andrographis elongata (Vahl) T.Anderson Heyne B. 1800-03-20 Acanthaceae MeiseBG BR0000013222796 type of cryptophragmium cordifolium nees PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rostellularia diffusa Nees Heyne B. 1800-03-23 Acanthaceae MeiseBG BR0000013527464 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Limnophila chinensis (Osbeck) Merr. Heyne B. Plantaginaceae MeiseBG BR0000035743293 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ziziphus xylopyrus Willd. Heyne B. Rhamnaceae MeiseBG BR0000031981972 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell. Heyne B. Linderniaceae MeiseBG BR0000036067060 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Senna sulfurea (Collad.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby Heyne B. Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000029528004 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pandanus tectorius Parkinson ex Du Roi Heyne B. Pandanaceae MeiseBG BR0000032882353 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melilotus messanensis (L.) All. Heyne B. 1957-05-04 Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000029824731 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tadehagi triquetrum (L.) H.Ohashi Heyne B. Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000029538621 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nelsonia canescens (Lam.) Spreng. Heyne B. 1800-05-01 Acanthaceae MeiseBG BR0000013528157 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mitragyna parvifolia (Roxb.) Korth. Heyne B. Rubiaceae MeiseBG BR0000005737963 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alternanthera sessilis (L.) R.Br. ex DC. Heyne B. 1820-10-01 Amaranthaceae MeiseBG BR0000013460631 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nerium oleander L. Heyne B. Apocynaceae MeiseBG BR0000013050139 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Knema attenuata (Wall.) Warb. Heyne B. Myristicaceae MeiseBG BR0000005853502 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Knema attenuata (Wall.) Warb. Heyne B. Myristicaceae MeiseBG BR0000005853540 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Walsura trifoliolata subsp. trifoliolata Heyne B. Meliaceae MeiseBG BR0000005839339 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pristimera indica (Willd.) A.C.Sm. Heyne B. Celastraceae MeiseBG BR0000005796922 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN