Banerjee, A. K., Guo, W., Qiao, S., Li, W., Xing, F., Lin, Y., … Huang, Y. (2020). Land masses and oceanic currents drive population structure of Heritiera littoralis , a widespread mangrove in the Indo‐West Pacific. Ecology and Evolution, 10(14), 7349–7363. doi:10.1002/ece3.6460

Phylogeographic forces driving evolution of sea‐dispersed plants are often influenced by regional and species characteristics, although not yet deciphered at a large spatial scale for many taxa like the mangrove species Heritiera littoralis . This study aimed to assess geographic distribution of gen…

Identified Elaeocarpaceae and collected Elaeocarpaceae

Identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

Philibert Commerson
Commerson, Philibert

(b. November 18, 1727 – d. March 13, 1773)


Identified Ericaceae and collected Asteraceae

Deplanche, Émile

(b. June 22, 1824 – d. March 31, 1875)


Collected Rubiaceae

Alwyn Howard Gentry
Gentry, Alwyn Howard

(b. January 06, 1945 – d. August 03, 1993)

United States of America

Identified Bignoniaceae and collected Bignoniaceae

Hartley, Thomas Gordon

(b. January 09, 1931 – d. March 08, 2016)

United States of America

Identified Rutaceae and collected Myrtaceae

Max Hollrung
Hollrung, Max

(b. October 25, 1858 – d. May 05, 1937)

German Reich

Collected Fabaceae

Humblot, Léon

(b. June 03, 1852 – d. 1914)


Collected Orchidaceae

Shelley James
James, Shelley


Identified Rubiaceae and collected Rubiaceae

Kostermans, André Joseph Guillaume Henri

(b. July 01, 1906 – d. July 10, 1994)

Dutch East Indies; Indonesia

Identified Lauraceae and collected Fabaceae

Ferdinand von Mueller
von Mueller, Ferdinand

(b. June 30, 1825 – d. October 10, 1896)


Identified Malvaceae and collected Fabaceae

Sykes, William Russell

(b. October 13, 1927 – d. January 05, 2018)

United Kingdom; New Zealand

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Thwaites, George Henry Kendrick

(b. July 09, 1812 – d. September 11, 1882)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Collected Rubiaceae

da Torre, Antonio Rocha

(b. 1904 – d. 1995)


Collected Fabaceae

Vermoesen, Camille

(b. August 02, 1882 – d. 1922)


Collected Fabaceae

Walter, Heinrich

(b. October 21, 1898 – d. October 15, 1989)


Philip Barker Webb
Webb, Philip Barker

(b. July 10, 1793 – d. August 31, 1854)

Spain; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; Great Britain

Collected Parmeliaceae

Identified Malvaceae and collected Malvaceae

Truman G. Yuncker
Yuncker, Truman G.

(b. March 20, 1891 – d. January 08, 1964)

United States of America

Identified Piperaceae and collected Piperaceae