Jarnevich, C. S., Young, N. E., Talbert, M., & Talbert, C. (2018). Forecasting an invasive species’ distribution with global distribution data, local data, and physiological information. Ecosphere, 9(5), e02279. doi:10.1002/ecs2.2279

Understanding invasive species distributions and potential invasions often requires broad‐scale information on the environmental tolerances of the species. Further, resource managers are often faced with knowing these broad‐scale relationships as well as nuanced environmental factors related to thei…

Danielsen, Anders

* 1919 – 2006 †

Identified Caprifoliaceae and collected Poaceae

Johannes Lid
Lid, Johannes

* January 11, 1886 – September 29, 1971 †


Identified Cyperaceae and collected Poaceae

Schindler, Anton Karl

* August 15, 1879 – 1964 †


Identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae