Li, Y., Wen, J., Ren, Y., & Zhang, J. (2019). From seven to three: Integrative species delimitation supports major reduction in species number in Rhodiola section Trifida (Crassulaceae) on the Qinghai‐Tibetan Plateau. TAXON, 68(2), 268–279. doi:10.1002/tax.12052

An essential component of biodiversity research and conservation is to accurately delimit species. Traditional morphology‐based taxonomy has faced great challenges in complex taxa. In the last few years, the focus of species delimitations has shifted from defining species using different species con…

Forrest, George

(b. March 13, 1873 – d. January 05, 1932)

United Kingdom

Identified Ericaceae and collected Ericaceae

Victoria Ann Funk
Funk, Victoria Ann

(b. November 26, 1947 – d. October 22, 2019)

United States of America

Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Joseph Dalton Hooker
Hooker, Joseph Dalton

(b. June 30, 1817 – d. December 10, 1911)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Identified Rubiaceae and collected Poaceae

Sykes, William Russell

(b. October 13, 1927 – d. January 05, 2018)

United Kingdom; New Zealand

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Nathaniel Wallich
Wallich, Nathaniel

(b. January 28, 1786 – d. April 28, 1854)


Identified Lamiaceae and collected Asteraceae

Identified Poaceae and collected Cyperaceae

Tse Tsun Yu
Yu, Tse Tsun

(b. February 01, 1908 – d. July 14, 1986)

People's Republic of China

Identified Rosaceae and collected Rosaceae