Giannini, T. C., Costa, W. F., Borges, R. C., Miranda, L., da Costa, C. P. W., Saraiva, A. M., & Imperatriz Fonseca, V. L. (2020). Climate change in the Eastern Amazon: crop-pollinator and occurrence-restricted bees are potentially more affected. Regional Environmental Change, 20(1). doi:10.1007/s10113-020-01611-y

There is pressing need to anticipate the impacts of climate change on species and their functional contributions to ecosystem processes. Our objective is to evaluate the potential bee response to climate change considering (1) response traits—body size, nest site, and sociality; (2) contributions to…

Charles Duncan Michener
Michener, Charles Duncan

* September 22, 1918 – November 01, 2015 †

United States

Identified Halictidae and collected Apidae