Carnicer, C., Eisenlohr, P. V., Jácomo, A. T. de A., Silveira, L., Alves, G. B., Tôrres, N. M., & de Melo, F. R. (2020). Running to the mountains: mammal species will find potentially suitable areas on the Andes. Biodiversity and Conservation. doi:10.1007/s10531-020-01951-5

Understanding species distribution over time is a key topic of conservation biogeography, especially when it comes to species with low mobility or low adaptability, which may be most affected by climate change. We investigated the past, current and future climate suitability of Dinomys branickii (Ro…

Philip Hershkovitz
Hershkovitz, Philip

* October 12, 1909 – February 15, 1997 †

United States

Identified Cricetidae and collected Cricetidae

Identified Dipsadidae and collected Hylidae

Identified Cricetidae and collected Cricetidae

von Sneidern, Kjell E.

* June 16, 1910 – April 30, 1999 †


Identified Tyrannidae and collected Phyllostomidae