Smeraldo, S., L. Bosso, M. Fraissinet, L. Bordignon, M. Brunelli, L. Ancillotto, and D. Russo. 2020. Modelling risks posed by wind turbines and power lines to soaring birds: the black stork (Ciconia nigra) in Italy as a case study. Biodiversity and Conservation 29: 1959–1976.

Recent growth of investments in wind energy and power industries has increased concerns about the associated adverse impacts on wildlife. In particular, flying vertebrates are especially at risk, both directly, through an extra mortality rate due to collision with turbines and electrocution, and ind…

Walter N. Koelz
Koelz, Walter N.

* September 11, 1895 – September 24, 1989 †

United States


Collected Poaceae and identified Poaceae

Collected Tyrannidae and identified Cricetidae