Semotiuk, A. J., Colunga-GarcíaMarín, P., Valenzuela Maldonado, D., & Ezcurra, E. (2017). Pillar of strength: Columnar cactus as a key factor in Yoreme heritage and wildland preservation. Ambio, 47(1), 86–96. doi:10.1007/s13280-017-0940-8

The persistence of traditional cultures and modes of land use within rapidly changing, globalized societies is a central issue in understanding ecological and cultural change in the Anthropocene. Located in the heart of the Green Revolution, the Yoreme (Mayo) people of the Mayo Valley in Mexico stil…

Harry Hoogstraal
Hoogstraal, Harry

* February 24, 1917 – February 24, 1986 †

United States

Identified Ixodidae and collected Muridae

Wiggins, Ira Loren

* January 01, 1899 – November 28, 1987 †

United States

Identified Fabaceae and collected Asteraceae