Kujawska, M. B., Rudawska, M., Stasińska, M., Pietras, M., & Leski, T. (2021). Distribution and ecological traits of a rare and threatened fungus Hericium flagellum in Poland with the prediction of its potential occurrence in Europe. Fungal Ecology, 50, 101035. doi:10.1016/j.funeco.2020.101035

Hericium flagellum is a highly host-dependent wood-inhabiting fungus in Europe. Its occurrence is strongly connected to the distribution of silver fir (Abies alba). We analysed available data describing ecological factors, especially habitat, substrate preferences and phenology, which are regarded a…

Berger, Andreas


Identified Rubiaceae and collected Rubiaceae

Camus, Aimée Antoinette

* May 01, 1879 – April 17, 1965 †


Identified Poaceae and collected Orchidaceae

Gardner, Martin

United Kingdom

Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Keck, Karl

* 1825 – 1894 †


Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Identified Meruliaceae and collected Hydnodontaceae

Rabenhorst, Gottlob Ludwig

* March 22, 1806 – April 24, 1881 †

Kingdom of Prussia

Collected Pucciniaceae

Rainer, Heimo


Identified Annonaceae and collected Asteraceae

Sintenis, Paul

* June 04, 1847 – March 06, 1907 †


Identified Lamiaceae and collected Fabaceae

Identified Bromeliaceae and collected Bromeliaceae

Zabłocka, Wanda

* December 20, 1900 – November 30, 1978 †

Austria-Hungary; Second Polish Republic; Polish People's Republic

Identified Pinaceae and collected Pinaceae