Elkins, D., Sweat, S. C., Kuhajda, B. R., George, A. L., Hill, K. S., & Wenger, S. J. (2019). Illuminating hotspots of imperiled aquatic biodiversity in the southeastern US. Global Ecology and Conservation, 19, e00654. doi:10.1016/j.gecco.2019.e00654

The southeastern United States is a global hotspot for aquatic biodiversity, but has relatively little land under protection. To guide conservation investment in this region, we developed a prioritization of watersheds to highlight areas of exceptional conservation potential. Using range maps for 10…

Louis Agassiz
Agassiz, Louis

* May 28, 1807 – December 14, 1873 †

United States; Switzerland

Identified Cidaridae and collected Cichlidae

Maynard, Charles Johnson

* May 06, 1845 – October 15, 1929 †

United States

Identified Cerionidae and collected Cerionidae

Page, Larry

United States

Identified Cyprinidae and collected Cyprinidae

Identified Gastrodontidae and collected Polygyridae

Collected Cyprinidae

Identified Characidae and collected Cyprinidae