Kurpis, J., Serrato-Cruz, M. A., & Feria Arroyo, T. P. (2019). Modeling the effects of climate change on the distribution of Tagetes lucida Cav. (Asteraceae). Global Ecology and Conservation, 20, e00747. doi:10.1016/j.gecco.2019.e00747

Climate change threatens the future distributions of native, tropical species all around the world as increasing global temperature and, in several regions decreasing precipitation cause less suitable habitat to become available. Of particular interest in this paper is to construct a model of the po…

Cyrus Pringle
Pringle, Cyrus

* May 06, 1838 – May 25, 1911 †

United States

Collected Asteraceae and identified Poaceae

Sykes, William Russell

* October 13, 1927 – January 05, 2018 †

United Kingdom; New Zealand

Collected Poaceae and identified Poaceae

Carl Peter Thunberg
Thunberg, Carl Peter

* November 11, 1743 – August 08, 1828 †


Collected Asteraceae and identified Meloidae