Yun, S., Lee, J.-W., & Yoo, J.-C. (2020). Host-parasite interaction augments climate change effect in an avian brood parasite, the lesser cuckoo Cuculus poliocephalus. Global Ecology and Conservation, 22, e00976. doi:10.1016/j.gecco.2020.e00976

Avian brood parasites such as Cuculus cuckoos are recognized to be affected more severely by the adverse effect of climate change owing to close host-parasite relationships. However, the spatial effect of climate change has rarely been assessed in the avian brood parasite-host system. To test this e…

Rudolph Martin Anderson
Anderson, Rudolph Martin

* June 30, 1876 – June 21, 1961 †


Identified Soricidae and collected Cricetidae

Identified Cricetidae and collected Cricetidae

Identified Emberizidae and collected Diomedeidae

Hosner, Peter

United States

Identified Furnariidae and collected Furnariidae

Identified Muscicapidae and collected Muscicapidae

Identified Pomacanthidae and collected Gobiidae

Schmidt, Brian

United States

Identified Scolopacidae and collected Scolopacidae

Speta, Franz

* December 22, 1941 – December 05, 2015 †


Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Stepanyan, L. S.

* March 19, 1931 – February 16, 2002 †

Armenia; Soviet Union

Collected Picidae

Thonglongya, Kitti

* October 06, 1928 – February 12, 1974 †


Identified Leiothrichidae and collected Muscicapidae