Alaniz, A. J., M. A. Carvajal, P. M. Vergara, A. Fierro, D. Moreira-Arce, A. Rojas-Osorio, G. E. Soto, and A. D. Rodewald. 2020. Trophic behavior of specialist predators from a macroecological approach: The case of the magellanic woodpecker in south American temperate forests. Global Ecology and Conservation 24: e01285.

Theoretical and empirical studies have addressed predator-prey relationships, but the relevance of individual prey species, prey species richness and environment on the niche and the distribution of specialist predators have been scarcely tested with a macroecological approach. Here we aim to analyz…

Mexia, Ynes

* May 24, 1870 – July 12, 1938 †

United States; Mexico


Collected Asteraceae and identified Piperaceae