Freitas, T. M. S., Montag, L. F. A., De Marco, P., & Hortal, J. (2020). How reliable are species identifications in biodiversity big data? Evaluating the records of a neotropical fish family in online repositories. Systematics and Biodiversity, 1–11. doi:10.1080/14772000.2020.1730473

The increase of free and open online biodiversity databases is of paramount importance for current research in ecology and evolution. However, little attention is paid to using updated taxonomy in these “biodiversity big data” repositories and the quality of their taxonomic information is often ques…

Louis Agassiz
Agassiz, Louis

* May 28, 1807 – December 14, 1873 †

United States; Switzerland

Identified Cidaridae and collected Cichlidae

Joel Asaph Allen
Allen, Joel Asaph

* July 19, 1838 – August 29, 1921 †

United States

Identified Parulidae and collected Parulidae

Anisits, Johann Daniel

* 1856 – 1911 †


Collected Characidae

John Keith Bouseman
Bouseman, John Keith

* August 11, 1936 – May 13, 2006 †

Identified Andrenidae and collected Apidae

Identified Unionidae and collected Cichlidae

Flint, Oliver S.

* October 10, 1931 – May 18, 2019 †

United States

Identified Coenagrionidae and collected Coenagrionidae

Frable, Benjamin

United States

Identified Apogonidae and collected Pomacentridae

John Friel
Friel, John

United States

Identified Cyprinidae and collected Cyprinidae

Charles Frederick Hartt
Hartt, Charles Frederick

* August 23, 1840 – March 18, 1878 †


Identified Emballonuridae and collected Cichlidae

John, Orestes Henry St.

* January 12, 1841 – July 20, 1921 †

United States

Identified Petalodontidae and collected Myalinidae

Knouft, Jason

United States

Collected Doradidae

Maldonado-Ocampo, Javier A.

* 1977 – March 02, 2019 †


Identified Characidae and collected Characidae

Seth Eugene Meek
Meek, Seth Eugene

* April 01, 1859 – July 06, 1914 †

United States

Identified Characidae and collected Characidae

Identified Acestrorhynchidae and collected Characidae

Page, Larry

United States

Identified Cyprinidae and collected Cyprinidae

Identified Doradidae and collected Loricariidae

Sidlauskas, Brian

United States

Identified Anostomidae and collected Characidae

Silverstone-Sopkin, Philip Arthur

* October 09, 1939 – December 19, 2018 †

United States

Identified Fabaceae and collected Dendrobatidae

Sullivan, John P.

United States

Identified Mormyridae and collected Mormyridae

Walsh, Stephen

United States

Identified Auchenipteridae

Identified Characidae and collected Cyprinidae

Identified Cichlidae and collected Cichlidae

Identified Araceae and collected Araceae

Identified Characidae and collected Characidae