Yusefi, G. H., Faizolahi, K., Darvish, J., Safi, K., & Brito, J. C. (2019). The species diversity, distribution, and conservation status of the terrestrial mammals of Iran. Journal of Mammalogy, 100(1), 55–71. doi:10.1093/jmammal/gyz002

Located at the crossroad of the Palearctic, Saharo-Arabian, and Oriental zoogeographic realms, and with its great environmental diversity, Iran harbors a high complexity and richness of fauna and flora. Knowledge about the Iranian mammal fauna has greatly increased over recent years thanks to the gr…

Collected Cricetidae and identified Cricetidae

Hotson, John Ernest Buttery

* March 17, 1877 – May 13, 1944 †

United Kingdom; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


Collected Muridae

Walter N. Koelz
Koelz, Walter N.

* September 11, 1895 – September 24, 1989 †

United States


Collected Poaceae and identified Poaceae

Musser, Guy

* August 10, 1936 – ? †

United States


Collected Muridae and identified Muridae

Collected Rhinolophidae and identified Rhinolophidae

Petter, Francis

* July 28, 1923 – January 21, 2012 †



Collected Muridae

Street, William Sherman

* September 30, 1904 – April 02, 2000 †

United States


Collected Lacertidae

Identified Molossidae

Collected Tyrannidae and identified Cricetidae