Archibald, S., Twine, W., Mthabini, C., & Stevens, N. (2021). Browsing is a strong filter for savanna tree seedlings in their first growing season. Journal of Ecology. doi:10.1111/1365-2745.13745

Newly germinated seedlings are vulnerable to biomass removal but usually have at least six months to grow before they are exposed to dry-season fires, a major disturbance in savannas. In contrast, plants are exposed to browsers from the time they germinate, making browsing potentially a very powerfu…

Compton, Robert Harold

* August 06, 1886 – July 11, 1979 †

United Kingdom; South Africa; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Collected Asteraceae and identified Ericaceae

Dyer, Robert Allen

* September 21, 1900 – October 26, 1987 †

South Africa

Collected Aizoaceae and identified Apocynaceae

Letty, Cythna

* January 01, 1895 – May 03, 1985 †

South Africa

Collected Araceae and identified Araceae

Rudolf Marloth
Marloth, Rudolf

* December 28, 1855 – May 15, 1931 †

South Africa; Germany

Collected Asteraceae and identified Proteaceae

Muasya, A. Muthama

South Africa

Collected Cyperaceae and identified Cyperaceae

Verdoorn, Inez Clare

* June 15, 1896 – January 01, 1989 †

South Africa

Collected Asteraceae and identified Malvaceae