Aguiar, L. M. S., Pereira, M. J. R., Zortéa, M., & Machado, R. B. (2020). Where are the bats? An environmental complementarity analysis in a megadiverse country. Diversity and Distributions. doi:10.1111/ddi.13137

Aim: Field surveys are necessary to overcome Wallacean shortfalls. The task is even more important when human pressure on tropical—megadiverse—ecosystems is considered. However, due to financial constraints, spatial and temporal prioritization is required. Here, we used the concept of environmental …

Louis Agassiz
Agassiz, Louis

(b. May 28, 1807 – d. December 14, 1873)

United States of America; Switzerland

Identified Sciuridae and collected Cichlidae

Joel Asaph Allen
Allen, Joel Asaph

(b. July 19, 1838 – d. August 29, 1921)

United States of America

Identified Parulidae and collected Parulidae

Carlos Ameghino
Ameghino, Carlos

(b. June 16, 1865 – d. April 12, 1936)


Collected Asteraceae

Dlouhy, Carlo

(b. May 19, 1933 – d. September 19, 2017)


Identified Serrasalmidae and collected Molossidae

Flint, Oliver S.

(b. October 10, 1931 – d. May 18, 2019)

United States of America

Identified Coenagrionidae and collected Coenagrionidae

Arthur White Greeley
Greeley, Arthur White

(b. June 13, 1875 – d. March 15, 1904)

United States of America

Collected Cricetidae

Charles Frederick Hartt
Hartt, Charles Frederick

(b. August 23, 1840 – d. March 18, 1878)


Identified Emballonuridae and collected Cichlidae

John, Orestes Henry St.

(b. January 12, 1841 – d. July 20, 1921)

United States of America

Identified Petalodontidae and collected Myalinidae

Leech, Robin E.

(b. February 01, 1937 – d. June 17, 2016)


Identified Gnaphosidae and collected Carabidae

Mexia, Ynes

(b. May 24, 1870 – d. July 12, 1938)

United States of America; Mexico

Identified Fabaceae and collected Asteraceae

Patterson, Bruce

United States of America

Identified Phyllostomidae and collected Phyllostomidae

Henry Augustus Ward
Ward, Henry Augustus

(b. March 09, 1834 – d. July 04, 1906)

United States of America

Identified Bovidae and collected Cercopithecidae