Zizka, A., Antonelli, A., & Silvestro, D. (2020). sampbias , a method for quantifying geographic sampling biases in species distribution data. Ecography. doi:10.1111/ecog.05102

Geo‐referenced species occurrences from public databases have become essential to biodiversity research and conservation. However, geographical biases are widely recognized as a factor limiting the usefulness of such data for understanding species diversity and distribution. In particular, differenc…

Hendrickson, John Roscoe

(b. August 26, 1921 – d. September 06, 2002)

Identified Microhylidae and collected Plethodontidae

Robert Frederick Inger
Inger, Robert Frederick

(b. September 10, 1920 – d. April 12, 2019)

United States of America

Identified Megophryidae and collected Ranidae

Liat, Lim Boo

(b. August 21, 1926 – d. July 11, 2020)


Identified Hipposideridae and collected Vespertilionidae

Patterson, Bruce

United States of America

Identified Phyllostomidae and collected Phyllostomidae

François-Jules Pictet de la Rive
de la Rive, François-Jules Pictet

(b. September 27, 1809 – d. March 15, 1872)


Identified Psychomyiidae and collected Cricetidae

Identified Vespertilionidae and collected Geomyidae

Wonder, Frank C

(b. 1903 – d. 1963)

Collected Hipposideridae