Alvarez, F., Gerhard, P., Paiva Silva, D., Spacek Godoy, B., & Montag, L. F. de A. (2020). Effects of different variable sets on the potential distribution of fish species in the Amazon Basin. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. doi:10.1111/eff.12552

Estimating species’ potential distribution is one of the main objectives of macroecology, especially when sampling biases can affect knowledge on how environmental variables affect species distribution. Ecological niche models estimate species’ environmental niches from different variables and their…

Louis Agassiz
Agassiz, Louis

* May 28, 1807 – December 14, 1873 †

United States; Switzerland

Identified Cidaridae and collected Cichlidae

Anisits, Johann Daniel

* 1856 – 1911 †


Collected Characidae

Identified Crenuchidae and collected Characidae

Frable, Benjamin

United States

Identified Apogonidae and collected Pomacentridae

Identified Pomacentridae and collected Myctophidae

Charles Frederick Hartt
Hartt, Charles Frederick

* August 23, 1840 – March 18, 1878 †


Identified Emballonuridae and collected Cichlidae

John, Orestes Henry St.

* January 12, 1841 – July 20, 1921 †

United States

Identified Petalodontidae and collected Myalinidae

Identified Cichlidae and collected Percidae

Identified Characidae

Identified Acestrorhynchidae and collected Characidae

Sidlauskas, Brian

United States

Identified Anostomidae and collected Characidae

Walsh, Stephen

United States

Identified Auchenipteridae

Weber, William Alfred

* November 16, 1918 – March 18, 2020 †

United States

Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Identified Characidae and collected Cyprinidae

Identified Cichlidae and collected Cichlidae

Identified Characidae and collected Characidae