Datta, A., Schweiger, O., & Kühn, I. (2019). Niche expansion of the invasive plant species Ageratina adenophora despite evolutionary constraints. Journal of Biogeography. doi:10.1111/jbi.13579

Aim: Ecological inferences drawn from studies on niche dynamics of invasive species are often limited due to difficulties in disentangling evolutionary adaptations of the fundamental niche from demographic and interspecific processes shaping the realized niche. We used Ageratina adenophora, an invas…

Hilliard, Olive Mary

* July 04, 1925 – ? †

South Africa

Identified Scrophulariaceae and collected Asteraceae

Sykes, William Russell

* October 13, 1927 – January 05, 2018 †

United Kingdom; New Zealand

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Templeton, Bonnie C.

* October 23, 1906 – January 29, 2002 †

United States

Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae