West, A. M., Jarnevich, C. S., Young, N. E., & Fuller, P. L. (2018). Evaluating Potential Distribution of High-Risk Aquatic Invasive Species in the Water Garden and Aquarium Trade at a Global Scale Based on Current Established Populations. Risk Analysis. doi:10.1111/risa.13230

Aquatic non‐native invasive species are commonly traded in the worldwide water garden and aquarium markets, and some of these species pose major threats to the economy, the environment, and human health. Understanding the potential suitable habitat for these species at a global scale and at regional…

Basilewsky, Pierre

* August 21, 1913 – December 07, 1993 †


Identified Carabidae and collected Carabidae

Identified Gekkonidae and collected Scincidae

Identified Hyperoliidae and collected Hyperoliidae

Blackburn, David

United States

Identified Arthroleptidae and collected Hyperoliidae

Identified Pipidae and collected Pipidae

Identified Hyperoliidae and collected Hyperoliidae

Leech, Robin E.

* February 01, 1937 – June 17, 2016 †


Identified Gnaphosidae and collected Carabidae

Ross, Edward Shearman

* September 01, 1915 – March 16, 2016 †

United States

Identified Oligotomidae and collected Formicidae

Schlinger, Evert I.

* April 17, 1928 – October 08, 2014 †

United States

Identified Acroceridae and collected Apidae

Watkins-Colwell, Greg

United States

Identified Ranidae and collected Ranidae

Zimkus, Breda

United States

Identified Phrynobatrachidae and collected Phrynobatrachidae