Pons, J., Campión, D., Chiozzi, G., Ettwein, A., Grangé, J., Kajtoch, Ł., … Fuchs, J. (2020). Phylogeography of a widespread Palaearctic forest bird species: The White‐backed Woodpecker (Aves, Picidae). Zoologica Scripta. doi:10.1111/zsc.12466

We use multilocus molecular data and species distribution modelling to investigate the phylogenetics and the phylogeography of the White‐backed Woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos), a bird species widely distributed over the entire Palaearctic. Our phylogenetic results reveal three well‐supported clade…

Viktor von Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen
von Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen, Viktor

* December 28, 1847 – March 05, 1924 †


Collected Paridae

Stepanyan, L. S.

* March 19, 1931 – February 16, 2002 †

Armenia; Soviet Union

Collected Picidae