Orlov, A. M., Bannikov, A. F., & Orlova, S. Y. (2020). Hypothesis of Antimora spp. (Moridae) Dispersion in the World Oceans Based on Data on Modern Distribution, Genetic Analysis, and Ancient Records. Journal of Ichthyology, 60(3), 399–410. doi:10.1134/s0032945220030108

Based on the analysis of the current distribution, the results of the molecular genetic study into the diversity of the mtDNA region (the first subunit of the cytochrome c oxidase I gene (COI)) in the samples of the blue hake Antimora rostrata and the Pacific flatnose A. microlepis, and the generali…

Rosenblatt, Richard Heinrich

(b. December 21, 1930 – d. October 14, 2014)

United States of America

Identified Haemulidae and collected Gobiidae