Schafstall, N., Kuosmanen, N., Fettig, C. J., Knižek, M., & Clear, J. L. (2020). Late Glacial and Holocene records of tree-killing conifer bark beetles in Europe and North America: Implications for forest disturbance dynamics. The Holocene, 095968362090221. doi:10.1177/0959683620902214

Outbreaks of conifer bark beetles in Europe and North America have increased in scale and severity in recent decades. In this study, we identify existing fossil records containing bark beetle remains from the end of the Last Glacial Maximum (~14,000 cal. yr BP) to present day using the online databa…

Identified Curculionidae and collected Curculionidae

Identified Lycaenidae and collected Noctuidae

Identified Elateridae

Identified Carabidae and collected Curculionidae

Identified Micropezidae and collected Syrphidae

Moe, Niels Green

(b. January 26, 1812 – d. September 16, 1892)

Identified Carabidae and collected Cerambycidae

Münster, Thomas Georg

(b. March 01, 1855 – d. March 10, 1938)


Identified Staphylinidae and collected Staphylinidae

Parsons, Gary

United States of America

Identified Noctuidae and collected Noctuidae

Sikes, Derek

United States of America

Identified Apidae and collected Staphylinidae

Richard Spruce
Spruce, Richard

(b. September 10, 1817 – d. December 28, 1893)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; North Yorkshire

Identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

Stow, Selina Catherine

(b. 1870 – d. August 18, 1956)

United Kingdom

Collected Asteraceae

Strickland, Edgar Harold

(b. May 29, 1889 – d. May 31, 1962)


Identified Coenagrionidae and collected Syrphidae

Wallis, John Braithwaite

(b. December 26, 1876 – d. March 14, 1962)


Identified Dytiscidae and collected Dytiscidae