Nicolai, A., & Forsyth, R. G. (2020). Introduced Prophysaon andersonii (J.G. Cooper, 1872) in Quebec, Canada: first record of Prophysaon (Gastropoda, Eupulmonata, Arionoidea) in eastern North America, confirmed by partial-COI gene sequence. Check List, 16(2), 307–316. doi:10.15560/16.2.307

We report for the first time the terrestrial slug Prophysaon andersonii (J.G. Cooper, 1872) from Quebec, Canada. Two specimens were collected in Parc national du Bic. The identification was determined by the external morphology and partial-COI gene sequence data. The genus Prophysaon is endemic to w…

Hanna, G. Dallas

* April 24, 1887 – November 20, 1970 †

United States

Identified Eucalodiidae and collected Pectinidae

Identified Oxychilidae and collected Phrynosomatidae

Leech, H. B.

* 1910 – 1990 †

Identified Dytiscidae and collected Carabidae

Identified Oncaeidae and collected Daphniidae

Sikes, Derek

United States

Identified Apidae and collected Staphylinidae

Identified Gastrodontidae and collected Polygyridae