Moreno-Méndez, G., & Ortiz-Rodriguez, A. E. (2020). A new species of Annonaceae, endemic to the limestone karst forests of Chiapas, Mexico. Acta Botanica Mexicana, (127). doi:10.21829/abm127.2020.1625

Background and Aims: In Mexico, the Neotropical genera of Annonaceae tribe Miliuseae, including Sapranthus, Stenanona and the Mexican endemic genus Tridimeris, are particularly diverse and many of their species are endemic to this country. This diversity is not fully documented and many new species …

Breedlove, Dennis E.

* September 14, 1939 – June 04, 2012 †

United States

Identified Fagaceae and collected Asteraceae

Brewer, Steven

United States

Identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

Alwyn Howard Gentry
Gentry, Alwyn Howard

* January 06, 1945 – August 03, 1993 †

United States

Identified Bignoniaceae and collected Bignoniaceae

Identified Tachinidae and collected Araliaceae

Steyermark, Julian Alfred

* January 27, 1909 – October 15, 1988 †

United States

Identified Rubiaceae and collected Poaceae

Stott, Gail

United Kingdom

Identified Lythraceae and collected Fabaceae