Tiamiyu, B. B., Ngarega, B. K., Zhang, X., Zhang, H., Kuang, T., Huang, G.-Y., … Wang, H. (2021). Estimating the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Spatial Distribution of Garuga forrestii, an Endemic Species in China. Forests, 12(12), 1708. doi:10.3390/f12121708

Understanding how species have adapted and responded to past climate provides insights into the present geographical distribution and may improve predictions of how biotic communities will respond to future climate change. Therefore, estimating the distribution and potentially suitable habitats is e…

Forrest, George

* March 13, 1873 – January 05, 1932 †

United Kingdom

Collected Ericaceae and identified Ericaceae

Joseph Rock
Rock, Joseph

* January 13, 1884 – December 05, 1962 †

Austria; United States

Collected Ericaceae and identified Parmeliaceae

Xitao, Cai

* March 12, 1911 – March 09, 1981 †

Qing dynasty; People's Republic of China; Republic of China 1912–1949

Collected Rosaceae and identified Malvaceae

Yu, Tse Tsun

* February 01, 1908 – July 14, 1986 †

People's Republic of China

Collected Rosaceae and identified Rosaceae