Zhang, K., Zhang, Y., Jia, D., & Tao, J. (2020). Species Distribution Modeling of Sassafras Tzumu and Implications for Forest Management. Sustainability, 12(10), 4132. doi:10.3390/su12104132

Sassafras tzumu (Chinese sassafras) is an economically and ecologically important deciduous tree species. Over the past few decades, increasing market demands and unprecedented human activity in its natural habitat have created new threats to this species. Nonetheless, the distribution of its habita…

von Handel-Mazzetti, Heinrich

* February 19, 1882 – February 01, 1940 †


Identified Ranunculaceae and collected Asteraceae

Melchior, Hans

* August 05, 1894 – March 12, 1984 †


Identified Sapindaceae

Rainer, Heimo


Identified Annonaceae and collected Asteraceae

Sweeney, Patrick

United States

Identified Clusiaceae and collected Adoxaceae

Sykes, William Russell

* October 13, 1927 – January 05, 2018 †

United Kingdom; New Zealand

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Collected Rosaceae