Müller, A., Prosi, R., Taylor, S., Richter, H., Herrmann, M., & Weibel, U. (2020). Unique nesting biology of Osmia ( Melanosmia) uncinata, a Palaearctic osmiine bee specialized on thick-barked conifers (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae). Alpine Entomology, 4, 157–171. doi:10.3897/alpento.4.53489

Osmia (Melanosmia) uncinata Gerstäcker is a Palaearctic megachilid bee distributed from temperate and northern Europe eastwards to the Russian Far East. The discovery of over 80 nests in Switzerland, southern Germany and Scotland enabled for the first time a closer investigation of its nesting biolo…

Vladimír Balthasar
Balthasar, Vladimír

(b. June 21, 1897 – d. November 10, 1978)


Identified Apidae and collected Megachilidae

Identified Halictidae and collected Halictidae

Paukkunen, Juho


Identified Crabronidae