Costa Rica

From countries stated in ORCID accounts and Wikidata entries or specimen records in GBIF

Francisco Jiménez-Carmona

Spain; Costa Rica

Pedro Juarez

Costa Rica

Adam Karremans

Costa Rica


Collected Orchidaceae and identified Orchidaceae

Lawrence R. Kirkendall

Norway; Costa Rica; Chile; Peru; United States


Collected Curculionidae and identified Curculionidae

Mathias Kuemmerlen

Germany; Costa Rica

Collected Chrysomelidae

Julian Monge-Najera

Costa Rica

Jairo Mora Prendas
Jairo Mora Prendas

Costa Rica


Collected Staphylinidae and identified Anthribidae

J Francisco Morales

Trinidad and Tobago; Brazil; Colombia; Costa Rica; Panama

Bernal Morera

Costa Rica

David A. Neill

Ecuador; Peru; Mexico; Nicaragua; Costa Rica


Collected Lauraceae and identified Fabaceae

Kenji Nishida

Costa Rica; Japan

Paola Pedraza-Peñalosa

Bolivia; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Ecuador

Antonio M. Perez

Cuba; Costa Rica; Nicaragua; Spain; Panama

Sonia Recinos

El Salvador; Costa Rica; Mexico; Germany; Austria

César Rodríguez

Costa Rica

Collected Polypodiaceae and identified Dryopteridaceae

Collected Scarabaeidae and identified Formicidae

Diego Tobar-López

Costa Rica

Adriana Troyo

Costa Rica

Sergio Vargas

Germany; Costa Rica