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Abe, Tokiharu

(b. April 03, 1911 – d. August 09, 1996)


Identified Aetideidae and collected Cyprinidae

Identified Cyprinidae and collected Zoarcidae

Spencer Fullerton Baird
Baird, Spencer Fullerton

(b. February 03, 1823 – d. August 19, 1887)

United States of America

Identified Ictaluridae and collected Percidae

Ben-Tuvia, Adam

(b. July 22, 1919 – d. 1999)


Identified Mullidae and collected Holocentridae

Identified Leiognathidae and collected Cichlidae

Dow, John Melmoth

(b. 1827 – d. 1892)

United States of America

Collected Eublepharidae

Dudley, Patricia Louise

(b. May 22, 1929 – d. September 30, 2004)

United States of America

Identified Notodelphyidae and collected Cottidae

Charles Frederick Hartt
Hartt, Charles Frederick

(b. August 23, 1840 – d. March 18, 1878)


Identified Emballonuridae and collected Cichlidae

Hurd, Paul David

(b. April 02, 1921 – d. March 12, 1982)

Identified Apidae and collected Apidae

Identified Stomiidae and collected Ranidae

Martin, Christopher

United States of America

Identified Cyprinodontidae and collected Cyprinodontidae

Mead, Giles W.

(b. 1928 – d. 2003)

Identified Bramidae and collected Aetideidae

Identified Percidae and collected Cyprinidae

Collected Cyprinidae

Rochon, Ingrid

United States of America

Identified Centrarchidae

Identified Doradidae and collected Loricariidae

Identified Ranidae and collected Petromyzontidae

Addison Emery Verrill
Verrill, Addison Emery

(b. February 09, 1839 – d. December 10, 1926)

United States of America

Identified Plexauridae and collected Plexauridae

Identified Ranidae and collected Ranidae