Identified Bursidae and collected Mytilidae

Buckley, Thomas

New Zealand

Identified Phasmatidae and collected Curculionidae

Chapple, David


Identified Scincidae

Collected Kyphosidae

Garnock-Jones, Philip

New Zealand

Identified Plantaginaceae and collected Thymelaeaceae

Garrick, John Andrew Frank

* 1928 – August 30, 2018 †

New Zealand

Identified Carcharhinidae

Hughes, Channing


Johnston, Peter

New Zealand

Identified Rhytismataceae and collected Rhytismataceae

Morgan-Richards, Mary

New Zealand

Collected Anostostomatidae

Prebble, Jessica

New Zealand

Identified Campanulaceae and collected Campanulaceae

Rija, Alfan


Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Stoddart, Debbie

New Zealand

Venter, Fanie


Collected Crassulaceae