Identified Asteraceae and collected Cyperaceae

Matzke, Nicholas

United States

Merckx, Vincent


Identified Formicidae and collected Formicidae

Murdock, Andrew

United States

Nesbitt, Sterling

United States

Identified Lagerpetonidae

Identified Ephydridae and collected Ephydridae

Ouyang, Fang


Identified Arthroleptidae and collected Plethodontidae

Pollock, David

United States

Polly, P. David

United States

Riddick, Eric W

United States

Identified Cosmopterigidae and collected Cosmopterigidae

Sanders, William B.

United States

Collected Acarosporaceae

Identified Pteridaceae and collected Polypodiaceae

Collected Plethodontidae

Identified Phyllostomidae and collected Phyllostomidae

Identified Papilionidae and collected Nymphalidae