Babcock, Russell


Collected Acroporidae

Collected Scorpaenidae

Bergquist, Patricia

* March 10, 1933 – September 09, 2009 †

New Zealand

Identified Thorectidae and collected Ianthellidae

Buchanan, Peter

New Zealand

Identified Polyporaceae and collected Polyporaceae

Burgess, Elisabeth

New Zealand

Collected Ichneumonidae

Collected Kyphosidae

Drummond, Alexei

New Zealand

Collected Curculionidae

Hayward, Bruce W.

New Zealand

Identified Bolivinellidae and collected Stilostomellidae

Johnston, Peter

New Zealand

Identified Rhytismataceae and collected Rhytismataceae

Identified Ichneumonidae and collected Ichneumonidae

Knight, Sarah

New Zealand

Collected Emydidae

Identified Nitidulidae and collected Curculionidae

Newcomb, Richard

New Zealand

Collected Curculionidae

Page, Roderic

United Kingdom

Collected Pinnotheridae

Identified Pentatomidae and collected Ichneumonidae

Scofield, Richard

New Zealand

Collected Asteraceae

Seldon, David

New Zealand

Identified Carabidae and collected Curculionidae

Stanton, Adrienne

New Zealand

Identified Marasmiaceae and collected Nectriaceae

Collected Colletidae

Bevan Weir
Weir, Bevan

New Zealand

Identified Glomerellaceae and collected Glomerellaceae

Identified Nectriaceae and collected Phanerochaetaceae

Wright, Anthony

New Zealand

Collected Poaceae

Identified Myrtaceae and collected Myrtaceae