Collected Curculionidae and identified Curculionidae

Collected Graphidaceae and identified Graphidaceae

Cazier, Mont A.

* May 27, 1911 – September 29, 1995 †

United States

Collected Noctuidae and identified Melolonthidae

Collected Poaceae and identified Malvaceae

Escalante, Ananias

United States

Fall, Sara

United States

Collected Formicidae and identified Caraboctonidae

Gerking, Shelby D.

* November 16, 1918 – January 11, 1998 †

United States

Collected Cyprinidae

Collected Tripterygiidae and identified Pseudochromidae

Collected Cyprinidae and identified Cyprinidae

M. Andrew Johnston
Johnston, M. Andrew

United States

Collected Tenebrionidae and identified Tenebrionidae

Pinkava, Donald John

* 1933 – July 25, 2017 †

United States

Collected Asteraceae and identified Cactaceae

Unmack, Peter


Collected Carabidae and identified Leiodidae


United States