Henry Prentiss Armsby
Armsby, Henry Prentiss

* September 21, 1853 – October 19, 1921 †

Collected Scincidae

Boyle, Owen

United States

Collected Adelgidae

Gafur, Abdul


Gepts, Paul

United States

Helmus, Matthew

United States

Keyser, Spencer

United States

Kistler, Harold

United States

Identified Melastomataceae and collected Melastomataceae

Identified Cambaridae

Identified Carabidae and collected Formicidae

Manthey, Joseph

United States

Identified Certhiidae and collected Certhiidae

Identified Proteaceae and collected Proteaceae

Collected Rhinolophidae

Mendenhall, Ian


Miller, Jennifer

United States

Joseph Miller
Miller, Joseph


Palmer, Jonathan

United States