15 people collected specimens from data in GBIF

Trond R. Oskars

Barnard, Keppel Harcourt

* March 31, 1887 – September 22, 1964 †

South Africa

Collected Poaceae and identified Phoxocephalidae

William James Clench
Clench, William James

* October 24, 1887 – February 22, 1984 †

United States

Collected Unionidae and identified Orthalicidae

Collected Phyllidiidae and identified Trochidae

Collected Holothuriidae and identified Facelinidae

Grove, Simon


Collected Trochidae and identified Trochidae

Yoichirō Hirase
Hirase, Yoichirō

* December 04, 1859 – May 25, 1925 †


Collected Clausiliidae and identified Hydrocenidae

Hooper, John


Collected Didemnidae and identified Microcionidae

Tom Iredale
Iredale, Tom

* March 24, 1880 – April 12, 1972 †

United Kingdom; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Collected Veneridae and identified Camaenidae

Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn
Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm

* October 26, 1809 – April 24, 1864 †

Netherlands; Germany

Collected Poaceae and identified Sematophyllaceae

Collected Xanthidae and identified Holothuriidae

Collected Xanthidae and identified Holothuriidae

Collected Polynoidae and identified Sabellidae

Seid, Charlotte

United States

Collected Cidaridae and identified Polynoidae

Collected Polygyridae and identified Gastrodontidae

Wilson, Nerida


Collected Philobryidae and identified Philobryidae