9 people collected specimens from data in GBIF

Frank Förster (based on a picture by Jerry Kirkhart; modified by T. Michael Keesey)

Identified Portunidae and collected Portunidae

Tom Iredale
Iredale, Tom

* March 24, 1880 – April 12, 1972 †

United Kingdom; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Identified Camaenidae and collected Veneridae

Identified Rhodomelaceae and collected Dictyotaceae

Lotufo, Tito


Identified Didemnidae and collected Didemnidae

Identified Holothuriidae and collected Xanthidae

Identified Pomacanthidae and collected Gobiidae

Identified Gastrodontidae and collected Polygyridae

Identified Alcyoniidae and collected Alcyoniidae

Henry Augustus Ward
Ward, Henry Augustus

* March 09, 1834 – July 04, 1906 †

United States

Identified Bovidae and collected Cercopithecidae