12 people identified specimens from data in GBIF

Ekaterina Kopeykina (vectorized by T. Michael Keesey)

Identified Anaspididae and collected Scyllaridae

Identified Nereididae and collected Nereididae

Benedict, James Everard

* 1854 – 1940 †

United States

Identified Panopeidae and collected Panopeidae

Haig, Janet

* May 09, 1925 – November 15, 1995 †

United States

Identified Porcellanidae and collected Porcellanidae

Identified Parapaguridae and collected Diogenidae

Mary J. Rathbun
Rathbun, Mary J.

* June 11, 1860 – April 14, 1943 †

United States

Identified Portunidae and collected Asteriidae

Identified Sabellidae and collected Polynoidae

Seid, Charlotte

United States

Identified Polynoidae and collected Cidaridae

Identified Buccinidae and collected Galatheidae

Identified Oncaeidae and collected Daphniidae

William Stimpson
Stimpson, William

* February 14, 1832 – May 26, 1872 †

United States

Identified Retroplumidae and collected Asteriidae

Windsor, Amanda

United States

Identified Portunidae